Gourmet & Wine tour, India

10 nights – Mumbai – Pune – Goa – Mumbai

This is a unique itinerary showcasing the culinary delights of the western India, especially Mumbai, Pune and Goa. Mumbai being the largest metropolitan city of India is a fine melting pot of many communities. All these communities have had their dishes modified to suit the local taste resulting in unique gastronomical delights typical of Mumbai. Pune falls in the region considered as the hub of wine production in India. Wine production and consumption is certainly on the rise in India. Goan cuisine is a cross between Portuguese and Konkani culinary elements. The vast use of seafood, meats and curries along with the local spices defines Goan cuisine as one of the most unique flavours of India.


  • Visit the famous Parsi eatery in Mumbai – Jimmyboy Restaurant to taste the popular Parsi dish – ‘Lagan Nu Bhonu’.
  • Visit Lalbaugh Spice Market in Mumbai (closed on Mondays) to understand the mix of spices that go into making a perfect Indian curry.
  • Evening ride to Dome Restaurant at The Intercontinental Hotel, Mumbai for the French Canapé experience.
  • Enjoy ‘Destination Knowledge Centre’ discovered unique activity “Mumbai by Dawn’ for an exclusive peek into the underbelly of the city.
  • Have authentic Maharashtrian breakfast at an Indian home in Mumbai.
  • Take a ‘Snack walk’ in Pune’s Cantonment area to discover cosmopolitan, fusion and traditional food belonging to different communities settled here.
  • Enjoy a Heritage walk cum Breakfast trail in Pune along with a food expert.
  • Undertake a full day excursion to ‘Four Seasons Vineyards’, off Pune.
  • In Goa visit ‘Rita’s Gourmet’ located in Dabolim for various experiences related to gastronomy and Goan cuisine.



  • We don’t recommend travelling to the western part of India between 1st July and 30th August, due to heavy rains that occur here during the monsoon season. Expect delays ; cancellation of flights & trains ; disruptions in your itinerary during this period.
  • The best time to visit a Vineyard in India is the Grape-harvesting season i.e. mid–January to mid–March. However the visits to the Vineyard are interesting in other months too, since all the other activities related to wine production go on all year round.


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