Mara Migration Update

The migration of wildebeests and zebras have now entered the Mara. This has been confirmed after a fact finding mission round the entry points along the Mara and Serengeti border. Though this is still in its’ initial stages, every indication shows that the stage is set for the world’s most fascinating wildlife spectacle. A few herds of mainly zebras and wildebeest have crossed the border near Sand River gate. They could be seen taking their traditional route towards Roan hill, and some have already crossed the main road to the Mara river from Sekenani gate. Their movement however is slower because of the amount of grass in their way. Since April this year the Mara has continued having intermittent rains which has made the plains covered in long green grass. They will for sure slow the migration movement north. Looking onto the Serengeti from the Sand River, one can see isolated herds of zebra and wildebeest heading north though reluctantly. We anticipate that as the concentration builds up more will push up north into the Mara.

From Serengeti the migrating herds have taken two wings, one wing heading north from Ikoma area to the west and the eastern wing is the one now moving into the Mara.

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