Masai Mara – new beginnings, new life, fresh season

From April to June, the rains in Masai Mara will transform the vast plains into a green paradise from which the Green Season takes its name. During this period, guests can enjoy the alluring shades of emerald, brightly colored flowers, and clouds that provide an amazing canvas for each morning sunrise and evening sunset.

Animals ranging from hyenas, giraffes to elephants and zebras will be bringing new life into the world, filling the vast plains with young ones. Predator sightings also become quite frequent as they make regular appearances taking full advantage of the abundance of inexperienced younger prey.

Aside from all the much needed new vegetation that sustains the wildlife in the Mara, the Green Season is a wildlife photographers dream! The green vegetation contrasts brilliantly with the contented animals, and the feeling of rejuvenation is hard to miss. With so much rain around, there is a myriad of bird, plant and animal life which seems more vibrant than usual.

Even though Green Season is often thought to be not a great time to travel, it is, in fact, a wonderful time to be on safari. You also stand to benefit from excellent low season rates.

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