All About Alcohol – India’s first alcohol museum in Goa

An interesting piece of news from Goa – one of the best-loved beach destinations in Asia. Well known for its sun, sand and surf experience, along with a plethora of other fun-filled delights, Goa now boasts India’s first alcohol museum. Aptly named, ‘All About Alcohol’, this museum all but speaks aloud the tale of Goa’s legendary local liquor, ‘Feni’.

Spread across five rooms, ‘All About Alcohol’, displays a tasteful array of exhibits, including bottles and glasses dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as rare old distilling and manufacturing equipment. A large chunk of the exhibits come from a private collection, lovingly built over 30 years.

Other fascinating sights include old glass garrafaos (vats) and mud pots for storing and maturing feni, sugarcane crusher for cocktails, silver water pots, jiggers, and myriad other paraphernalia – almost every exhibit has its own unique story, narrated by expert in-house guides. Walking down this museum is akin to treading the journey of alcohol, right from manufacturing and distillation to fumigation.

All About Alcohol also has a tavern with an authentic old-Goan character, complete with Portuguese glassware. The magic of old Goa and its romance with feni finds further reflection in a well-stocked feni cellar – thousands of carefully matured cashew and coconut feni bottles adorn the cellar. Of course, a trip to the museum is somewhat incomplete without enjoying a feni tasting and pairing session.

This unique museum effortlessly brings alive the Goa of the yesteryears, tracing the destination’s rich heritage to the days when Goa was called the Rome of the East. ‘All About Alcohol’ seems all set to woo visitors as soon as travel resumes.

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