Ecuador let the adventure begin here! Come experience what is like to be on two hemispheres at once, a place in the center of the world, one beautiful paradise. Start planning your trip and come enjoy of the wonders of Ecuador where you can dive into four different worlds, whether you visit the Galapagos Islands, explore Ecuador’s Pacific coast, travel through the Andes or relax in the tropical Amazon – there is something for everyone. Ecuador is waiting for you. Stop everything, breathe and visit the place where it all began.

Ecuador, Four worlds in once place

Galapagos Islands

Can you picture yourself walking amongst giant turtles, sea wolves and exotic birds? This is possible in the Galapagos Islands, a natural paradise. Like nowhere else in the world, the islands are enchanted.

Pacific Coast

This is the place where you can find the best waves for surfing with seas of different shades of blue historic towns with the most amazing cuisine. The Ecuadorian coast offers exciting adventures to tourists, in a region bathed by the Pacific Ocean.


Extensive mosaics of corn, potatoes and grains fields of Tungurahua draw part of this region, bathed by icy waters from the melting volcanoes and hot springs where beautiful spas are and relaxation centers are located.


The amazon, located in the eastern region, is one of the most wonderful reserves of biodiversity on the planet. It has a tropical forest, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls descending to the deep jungle, home to unique flora & fauna species.