Bush & Beyond Offers- Non Residents

Book 7 nights safari & get 2 nights free

3 nights at any of Sarara Camp Samburu or Sarara Tree Samburu, Ol Malo Lodge or Ol Malo House Laikipia


4 nights at any of Lewa House Meru, Tangulia Mara Camp or House in the Wild Masai Mara


Book 4 nights & get 1 night free

Lewa House Meru, Tangulia Mara Camp or House in the Wild Masai Mara


Book 3 nights & get 1 night free

Sarara Camp, Sarara Tree, Ol Malo Lodge or Ol Malo House

Note: Community, Conservancy, Reserve fees apply for the free nights

Valid from 1 to 19 Dec 2019

Sarara Camp & Sarara Tree are found within the lands of the Namunyak Wildlife Conservation which lies folded around the southern corner of the fabled Mathews Mountain Range of northern Kenya.

Game drives, bush walks, hikes into the Mathews Mountains or camel treks are all ways to experience the amazing landscape and see the wildlife.


Ol Malo House is a 6 bedroom house, with sitting and dining rooms containing fireplaces, and encircled by three en-suite double bedrooms. Separate cottages create a further three double bedrooms ideal for accommodating exclusive groups or families.


Ol Malo Lodge is nestled in the cliffs, the lodge has four cottages with its own veranda and complete privacy, with ensuite bathrooms, sitting and dining room. Perfect for honeymooners and couples.


Lewa House located at the very heart of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the house is set on top of a hill with extensive views over gentle rolling hills with Mount Kenya to the south and the rugged Mathews Range and the sacred mountain of Ol Olokwe to the north.

The accommodation is in the form of cottage style rooms which are spread out along the hillside, all looking to the expanse of wilderness to the north.


Tangulia Mara Camp is a traditional tented safari camp situated on private land on the western boundary of the Mara Reserve.

The large and open mess overlooks the Olotulo Murt salt lick, frequented by wildlife and leads down to the Mara River. The 6 tents are shaded under a canopy of trees and are built on raised floors of Talek flat stone with a lovely verandah.

The House in the Wild are situated in a unique location, each perched on the banks of the Mara River which provides excellent game viewing and an abundance of safari and community activities.

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