Christine’s experience on the Madaraka Express.

Our Tour Consultant, Christine, recently experienced the SGR train to and from Mombasa. These are some of her comments:
Seats are very comfortable, the train hostesses were very friendly and helpful – ever smilling
The security people at the check points were very friendly too and efficient.
The seat leg room was more than enough even for the tallest person.
No need to worry about your mobile phone running out of charge as there is a charging socket on every row!
The train is very punctual i.e at 0855hrs the check in gates close and at 0900hrs the train departs. Arrives between 1230 to 1240 hrs. (depending how long it stops at Mtito Andei station to allow the train from Mombasa to pass).
Passengers in the First class cabin can use the restaurant facility while for Economy class passengers a waiter offers snacks/beverages on a trolley.
Passengers are only allowed to move within their own coach i.e First class passengers within the First class coaches and Economy class passengers within the Economy class coaches.

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