Johannesburg South Africa – Tours by Foot Historic City Tour

Twice a day from Johannesburg Park Station on the Wolmarans Street side. Tour starts at 10.30am, duration 1 hr 45 mins. Come join a tour of Johannesburg city centre where the ghost skyscrapers hover over an ocean of African traders and mini bus taxis. Walk downtown Joburg as you will be told the story of the different eras in time and show you historical landmarks, such as the Chancellor House where Mandela worked as a lawyer in his younger days, the Beautiful Victorian Style Post Office or the buzzing Diagonal Street where you might enjoy a corn on the cob or visit an old herbal shop. Some personal anecdotes will be shared from lives in and around Joburg and you might be even shown a sneaky old bar where you can enjoy a beer after the tour.

Braamfontein Tour

Once a day from Johannesburg Park Station on the Wolmarans Street side. Tour starts at 3.30pm, duration 1hr 30 mins. Come walk through this increasingly hip and happening area with its sleek cafes and bars, its rich cultural life and very colourful history. Hear the story of Braamfontein’s change over the last 10 – 20 years and see some of the popular results, such as a beach bar on a roof top or the very popular Saturday food market where thousands flock for a craft beer or a genuine butcher’s boerewors. You will be taken to the university campus hosting 30,000 students and famous for its disagreement with the apartheid regime. You also be shown the characteristic Brutalist style Civic Centre and point out a few examples of street art as you pass it on the way. You might even be told about what happened when one day 56 tonnes of Dynamite blew up at Braamfontein Train Station.


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