Ethiopia is a land of breath-taking historical landmarks and compelling cultural traditions played out across an incredibly commanding landscape.

Wade through incense into a medieval world hewn from stone in Lalibela, and watch the line between past and present while taking part in striking Christian ceremonies that haven’t changed in 1000 years.

Other Ethiopia travel highlights include being entertained by local azmaris – wandering minstrels – and spotting zebras, ostriches, crocodiles and flamingos in Nechisar National Park, one of the least visited national parks in East Africa. The Simien Mountains, home to the Ethiopian Wolf and the colourful Gelada Baboons, are awe inspiring. The Bale Mountains in the south are less well known but still spectacular. The Blue Nile Falls, Lake Tana and the Omo Valley just some of Ethiopia’s other scenic sights.

Best time to be there

The heaviest rains traditionally fall June to early October, making the rest of the year prime time to visit. Directly after the rains the highlands are wonderfully green, covered with wildflowers and excellent for trekking.