Severin Sea Lodge – Reopening of the Imani Dhow Restaurant

The doors to a beautiful restaurant – the Imani Dhow – are open again!

The Imani Dhow is an old Zanzibar Jahazi, built about 60 years ago. She formerly plied her trades between Zanzibar, Dar-es-Saalam, Tanga and Mombasa with a varied cargo of boriti poles, cotton, maize etc., weighing approximately 90 tons. She was manned by a Bajuni crew of about 16, under whose skillful hands she became a truly wonderful sailing ship. After undergoing major restorations in 1984, she served as the à la carte restaurant of Severin Sea Lodge offering delicious sea food amongst other well-selected dishes.
The lodge used the past months to work on improvements and are now proud to reintroduce you to the restaurant.

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