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Kitich Forest Camp, Mathews Range

Kitich Forest Camp is in a truly remote and pristine wilderness, located in an exquisite forest glade on the upper slopes of the Mathews Mountains (also known as the Lenkiyio Hills). The Mathews, referred to as a ‘biological bonanza’ and sky island, the massive range rises up from the desert floor to over 6,000ft.

A beautiful enchanting camp with only six tents situated under a dense tree canopy, overlooking the stunning Ngeng River, this camp is a low-key classic with charming en suite bush bathrooms, bucket showers and flush toilets.

Revel in exceptional experiences, bush picnics, swimming in hidden rock pools or witnessing Samburu culture. From walking, hiking and fly-camping with the camel, Kitich is all about exploring on foot!

At night, the atmosphere is magical, and the glade is lit, look out for elephant, bushbuck and buffalo, as they come to drink by the river.

Kitich is also a fabulous and convenient base for exploring the Northern Frontiers, The Mathews Mountains, The Ndoto Mountains, the Milgis and Lake Turkana… and visiting the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary on the southern slopes of the Mathews range.


Hidden on a glade, deep within the Mathews Forest, which  covering approximately 900 km², or 222,000 acres, the camp is surrounded by astounding peaks rising 8000 ft. from the lowlands below.


Why we love it

Spend your days exploring this wild region on foot as you embark on fascinating bush walks, guided by Samburu warriors who are truly passionate about this area that is their home and heritage. Perfect for adventurers and wild walkers.



Small and intimate, Kitich only has six ensuite tents. Three doubles and three twins, all have amazing views across the Ngeng Valley. Fall asleep to the sound to trumpeting elephants in the nearby forests.



Daily flights from Nairobi to Samburu Kalama or use a private charter into the Ngelai Airstrip, a 30 minute drive to camp. Driving from Nairobi is an eight hour adventure through the Samburu drylands and up into the forest.


Itinerary and Rates available upon request.

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