Traveler’s Guide: Luggage Tips


We like to make sure that your flying experience is not only enjoyable, but easy and comfortable. We know that lost or damaged baggage issues are far from convenient, which is why we’ve provided some tips and information to help make your travels hassle free.
Unique identification
Make your bag easy to recognise and distinguishable from others by tagging the outside with a colourful ribbon and by using a luggage tag. This will make it easier to quickly identify your bag, especially in the unfortunate event of it being lost or misplaced.
Travel Affairs can provide you with luggage tags and yellow straps for luggage identification purposes.

Packing tips

Valuables like these should not be packed in your check-in luggage but rather in your hand luggage:
Laptops, cameras, legal documents, cash, credit cards, jewellery and medication.

Luggage safety

Always ensure that your bag is locked before check-in as this acts as a deterrent. Take advantage of the wrapping service provided at the airport as an additional preventative measure against damage and theft.

Hand luggage

Due to limited space in the overhead compartments, your hand luggage may sometimes be placed in the cargo hold. Please ensure that you remove all valuables from your hand luggage before it is taken for stowage in the cargo hold. Ask for an airline tag with your name and flight details. Liquids, aerosols and gels measuring more than 100ml are not allowed in hand luggage. For international travel, if they measure less than 100ml they must be secured in a re-sealable, plastic storage bag.