Zanzibar “Submarine” – exciting underwater journeys

Newly launched on 3rd October 2023, the Zanzibar Submarine excursion is designed to offer visitors a unique opportunity to witness marine life and ecosystems up close while staying comfortably above the water’s surface.

Unlike traditional submarines, the semi-submarine does not completely submerge. The vessel is designed with a submerged hull that allows passengers to descend into a submerged viewing area, providing a panoramic view of the underwater world through large windows.

The semi-submarine’s electric propulsion system ensures quiet and emission-free movement, minimizing disturbances to marine life. The spacious and air-conditioned cabin, with a capacity of 12 passengers, provides comfortable seating, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views. Trained crew members and guides are present on board to provide information assistance, and ensure a secure journey.


Cruise operating from Stone Town



Sunset Cruise – Stunning sunset on the semi-submarine’s deck – 1 hour

  • USD 59 per person


Classic Reef Cruise – Corals & Reef – 2 hours

  • USD 129 per person


Reef & Beach Cruise – Serene Picnic on a secluded sandbank – 3 hours

  • USD 149 per person


Speed Boat Charter – 4 hours per vessel Adventure-seekers, romantic getaways, or family fun

  • USD 350 per person


Speed Boat Charter – 8 hours per vessel Adventure-seekers, romantic getaways, or family fun

  • USD 650 per person


Note: Above prices are exclusive of transfers to & from Stone Town


  • Welcome drink at the air-conditioned departure lounge
  • Toilet facilities at the departure lounge
  • Complimentary drinking water during the tour
  • Commemorative photos of the experience


On Board acilities

  • USB Socket
  • 10 Window seats
  • Cooler box for water
  • Motion sickness bags
  • WiFi
  • Crew assist



  • No children under 5 years
  • No food or drinks to be brought onboard
  • No Pets Allowed
  • No luggage or large bag



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